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Installation Notes - OnGuard!

(download as PDF file - 218 kB)

Quick Start

Tools Required
Flat Tip Screwdriver with 1/8.Blade, Wire Strippers.


All connections involve two inputs from the DCC booster, or the main line track bus and two outputs to the insulated track section or reverse block.

If your DCC output or mainline track bus is 16 ga or greater (smaller wire) then connect directly to the screw terminals on OnGuard.

If your DCC output or mainline track bus is 10-14 ga wire then solder-splice a short length of 16 AWG to your heavier bus wire and connect the16 ga wires to screw terminals.

Polarity for Input/Output

OG-AR: Any input/output polarity is acceptable for OG-AR
OG-CB: Input/output polarity must be the same for all OG-CB installations

Helpful Hints

When Isolated and Reverse Sections exceed 10 Ft. in length install at least 2 sets of track feeders for that section. Lack of feeders causes a voltage loss.

For reverse sections, we recommended that the gaps be staggered about 1/8". Perfectly aligned gaps may reduce performance.

If your Power Sections and Reverse blocks are greater than 10 Ft. long be sure to have at least 2 sets of track feeders for that section. Insufficient feeders will cause a voltage drop.

One end of the reverse section will be aligned with normal polarity track power while the opposite or other end will have a polarity mismatch and require the reverser to act.

Note: Not for direct current (DC) applications.

OnGuard Specifications

• 4 Amps
• Easy to Install Screw Terminals
• No Relays
• 1 Year Warranty
• Low Cost
• No Power Supply Required

Compatibility with most DCC Systems. Lower power systems such as the Digitrax Zephyr and the Atlas Commander lack the power to operate OnGuard.

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