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June 5, 2012

Managing and Monitoring Power Districts

Power Districts – with the advent of DCC allowing more realistic train control to run multiple locomotives independently on the same track is becoming more and more popular.  And with the added popularity of operations, operating multiple locomotives has increased and we all tend to love all those bells and whistles we hear from our locomotives.

However there’s nothing free in this world of DCC and as we increase the number of locomotives we run we continue to increase the amount of current and power needed to operate our layout.  Hence, the need to divide our layout into multiple power districts.

Your DCC system can supply all your power needs and by adding power districts you divide your total track power available into smaller more manageable districts.

On my layout, I required 5 districts to meet my power regulation requirements.  Now how do I manage all that and give a visual cue to our operators if there’s a particular problem in a given district?

I prewired my layout space for these districts and utilized 5 DCC Specialties PSX Power Shields. I also  installed  RRampMeters. All the PSXs and the RRampmeters were mounted at a location where they can be viewed from any spot from the layout room.  Each PSX and RRampMeter was labeled for the location it was monitoring. 

This gave my operators the ability to quickly look at the RRampMeter and if there was a power interruption in that district they would notice it.  The RRampMeter also provided amps and voltage output giving you the added advantage of monitoring that district during an operating session. 

The PSX Power Shields and RRampMeters are from

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