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Exclusive Double Reverse for the PSX-AR


DCC Specialties, the company that produces the popular PowerShield series auto-reversers, revealed that all units shipped in the last 2 years have included software for the exclusive "Double Reverse" function. This allows the user to have two contingent reverse loops. Here is an explanation and application info.

PSX-AR “Double Reverse Mode” CVs

What is Double Reverse Mode?

We have developed and added a great new feature to the PSX-AR series. This feature was requested by several users. There are layouts that may have back-to-back reverse loops so that the current PSX-ARs or in fact any auto-reversers tend to flip-flop each other at the transition from one loop to the next. As would be expected the transition is jerky or sporadic and the locomotive may just stall.

Larry Maier created a provision in the software to create a slave unit PSX-AR enabled by a CV change. The slave unit has a programmable reversing time delay so that the units reverse in sequence. This new feature is called Double Reverse Mode™.

Applicable CVs

  • The new code uses CV55=0 to operate as the primary reverser (same as existing products). This is the default.
  • Setting CV55=1 enables the unit as the secondary reverser. It will defer to the primary in reversing situations.
  • CV65 controls the timing between the primary and secondary. Its default is 8, which seems to be fine.

Caution: The user should generally not use other values for CV65. Mis-setting it could cause the breaker to self-destruct by delaying the reverse/break action too long.

If a user has a problem, he can use CV65 to finetune things with our direction, although this generally will not be necessary.

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