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RRampMeter DCC Amp/Volt Meter

Pictures | Updated June 18, 2013

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List: from $69.95 (see the list of dealers)
RRampMeter is now marketed by DCC Specialties!

  • The only inexpensive device that accurately measures DCC Volts/Amps.
  • Also measures AC and DC Volts/Amps.
  • Costs less than DVMs that cannot measure DCC. Ver I, II, & III rated at 10 Amps and Ver IV rated at 20 Amps.
  • Measures true RMS Volts/Amps, +/- 2%.
  • Suitable for all scales.
  • No batteries required.
  • Designed for Left/Right-hand use.
  • PCB length 5.63"; Enclosure length 4", width 2", height 1.25"
  • 3 Styles Available:
    1. Version I RRampMeter Circuit Module without enclosure (Fig. 2)
    2. Version II RRampMeter with Enclosure and Clip Leads (Fig. 3)
    3. Version III RRampmeter Same as II. with Battery backup for measurements below 7 Volts
    4. Version IV RRampmeterHP
      Same as III but for large scale high voltage and current applications:
      DCC: 38.6 v and 18-20 Amps
      AC: 27.6 v and 18-20 Amps
      DC: 38.6 v and 18-20 Amps

Watch this cool RRampMeter video courtesy of

"I have found it a valuable tool for troubleshooting layout and engine problems. If it only saves 1 sound decoder or booster, it has paid for itself."
- Keith

Fig. 1 - Panel Mount
Fig. 2 - Direct Contact Voltmeter
shown without enclosure.
Fig. 3 - Current Meter
  • Adjustable contacts permit direct track voltage measurements for all scales.
  • Test or Clip Leads (Fig. 3) can also be used for other applications.
  • Test Leads or Layout Wiring can be conveniently connected to the rear screw/socket terminals (not shown).
  • Designed as a portable troubleshooting tool or as a panel-mount meter (Fig. 1).


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